the Holiday Season..?

Some people who read these blogs might already know that I have a problem with the word ‘Yes’….in that I use it too often. So when asked to do something I usually go for the affirmative rather than the negative. Over the years that has sometimes found me in strange and uncomfortable places wondering why I said ‘Yes’ so quickly!

Well I’ve done it again. But this time it should be far from uncomfortable, quite the opposite in fact. So when the call came to me that there was a ‘speaker’ cancellation on the good ship Voyager in early December, having initially felt that my time off between cruises was sacred, but then knowing that Julie was intent on visiting her father before Christmas I said the inevitable ‘yes’. So off I’m going to Singapore and Thailand, Vietnam and Malaysia, but back for the family reunion here in Spain for the Christmas festivities. 5 talks and probably 2 or 3 shows and a chance to further explore the market in Ho Chi Minh city.

It should be an interesting trip and a bit of a warm up for the big World Cruise that starts in early January. On board the RSS Mariner for 131 days around the world is a full on project. Around 60 presentations and 10 shows together with the other bits and pieces that the Cruise Director Andy sends my way. We will get to see a few friends around the globe, with a¬† visit to Canberra and the War Museum promised us by friends in Sydney. I believe we will have a ‘Lord of the Rings’ special event in Auckland¬† New Zealand, and a further event planned in Tuscany. so off to Miami, via a brief visit to the UK for the New Year…

So saying ‘yes’ is not such a bad thing if you ask me.

On the Home Front here in spain we are advanced in our plans for an ‘International Festival of Music, Art and Drama’ over a week in early June. we have dance, singing and creative arts, culminating in a show from Sally jones based on the songs of Edith Piaf. (and I’m doing a night of Irish songs and humour!). So watch this space…..

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