Sitting in the airport in New York waiting for the flight to Frankfurt and then on to Malaga…bags packed and checked in. The sail in past the Statue of Liberty brought it home….this cruise was over. 131 days, over 80 performances and a jumble of memories. Amazing places seen and some great people to share it all with. The final leg from Rome to New York gave us stops in Monte Carlo, Barcelona and Malaga. And the first ever cruise ship visit by guests to Canillas de Aceituno. This proved a great success with all guests saying it was one of the best tours of the entire cruise. The weather, the village welcome, the food, the walking tour and the entertainment (flamenco guitar and dancers) was acknowledged as superb. The crossing of the Atlantic, whilst the seas were not very kind, gave us amazing days in the Azores and Bermuda, leading to a final run into the Hudson River and New York. Just over 150 guests had completed the circumnavigation, with others (over 1,000) joining at times for the 7 various segments. The final show for the ‘worlders’ was special, a good show, and many tears at the end.

The ‘highlights’ include revisiting Petra (amazing at any time), visiting Myanmar and swimming with the rays and sharks in Bora Bora. There are so many other experiences, great food and sights that it is difficult to manage to recall them all. This needs to be done with a leaf through the diary over the coming days.   In the meantime it is about having a rest…..and dare I say, to start thinking about the next cruise coming up in one months time!

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