Segment 4 of the World Cruise

Sailing into Sidney Harbour is always a joy, and then anchoring opposite the Opera House in full view of the Harbour Bridge adds to the pleasure. A tender ride to the shore to be whisked away from friends Terry and Sue meant foregoing the shoreside ‘special event’ for the World Cruisers, but a few hours of peace and quiet, a private swim, good company and an overnight stay was a real benefit. A morning tour of the hills and bays around Sidney took us to Manly for fish and chips and a ferry ride back to the ship, now docked in Circular Quay. Two ports were missed – Mooloolaba, (where we didn’t meet with friends Rich and Heike) and Thursday Island – but it was a Wednesday! adverse winds and waves were the problem said the Captain. Cairns meant a trip into the rainforest for a ride on an ex-army DUKW¬† through the water and trees of this site designed to show the culture of the aborigines (we both failed the test of throwing a boomerang – mine in probably still in the tree!) The resort Island of Hamilton on the Whitsundays was a pleasant stop – luxurious apartments and money shouted loudly from here, and so to Darwin and a visit to the local hospital for a check up (all clear), and on to Komodo for many (not us) to visit the dragons! An overnight stop in Bali, with a trip to eat their lovely food and watch their dancing. It was hot and steamy – both the food and the weather! After a visit to Makassar in Indonesia where we viewed the crowded market, bought hot chilly peppers and sweated, we crossed the line with a ‘Neptune’ ceremony where again I played the part of Daft Wader daring people to cross to the ‘other side’. 4 days in the Philippines were fun. the last one in Manila with a tour of the old city, and a watching the crews visiting friends and family coming on board to view the working conditions of their loved ones – always a delight to watch and be part of. And so to Hong Kong – to the mist and rain. Julie left for a quick visit to the UK and her father, returning in Singapore in 12 days time. This segment from Sidney has meant a few talks a couple of shows and dying on stage as Daft! A few memories there, and also many good people as we maintain our relationships with the World Cruisers and meet, greet and bid farewell to those who join us for a few weeks….

and so on to Singapore, via Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand. A full diary of ‘things to do’….including ‘St. Patrick’s Day’, and i hope I don’t ‘die on stage’ during that one!

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