Equatorial rain

It’s 6.45 am, and we are about to cross the equator. This means the usual mayhem of a ‘Crossing the Line’ ceremony! This will be the third time on this voyage for me and the Cruise Director has asked for something different! ‘Crossing to the other side’ (and it was originally planned for yesterday (May the Fourth), meant we could do something really different and Neptune will be challenged by ‘Daft Wader’, with his Storm Troopers….probably ending up in a soaking in the pool. But it is pouring down with rain as it can in these latitudes, the decks are awash and very unpleasant. Of course it can all clear as quickly as it came….we shall see later today.
We left Rio in a blaze of orange sunset, and cruised past Sugar Loaf and out towards Recife to the north. Food was of secondary importance following an amazing meal at a pirate den called ‘Marius’ at Copacabana, courtesy of the Head of Corporate Entertainment as a thank you for the efforts put in to this cruise so far. And it has been busy. Today marks the 43rd presentation I will have given since boarding in Sydney about 79 days ago, and the show I’m doing on the 7th will be the 12th! Of course we managed also to do the two drama productions, ‘Opening Moves – the start of the American Civil War’, and ‘Fallen Star – the last days of Napoleon’. We are in rehearsal for a panto that I have written – Sindy Rella – with the production cast, and we still have Liars Club and another two solo shows to perform….an ‘Ain’t Patricks Night’, and a farewell show of comedy songs….in addition to cameo appearances in two other shows before we reach Los Angeles. An auction was held yesterday to raise funds for the crew welfare fund….and they raised an amazing $28,000……Clive the cocktail pianist and myself were sold for $400 for a dinner with 6 guests. Funny really as I dine most nights with guests and they don’t have to pay a thing – it’s probably Clive they wanted!
And so on towards Devil’s Island, where the tender ride ashore might be in doubt due to the weather, so I’ve prepared a reserve presentation ‘May7th – a date in history’…..
And then the Caribbean and the Panama Canal. 20 days to go.

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