Halfway? March 31st

Tomorrow is April Fools Day. And Easter Sunday. We are at sea twixt the island of La Reunion and Richards Bay in South Africa. So, over to our starboard side lies Madagascar and to port….not much before you get to Australia!

We completed the SAGA cruise to West Africa with bumpy seas and the nora virus on board. A fairly routine cruise turned into 8 lectures and 3 shows covering for missing personnel and gaps in the programme. The cabin was well forward with no window, and whilst the company and food were good, the overall experience left a bit to be desired. We did spend a great day with our friend Dodou and his family in The Gambia, and enjoyed our usual dose of bread, cheese and wine in Lisbon. It was good to shore time with our friend Rose from Plymouth, and even if SAGA ask me to join them again they will need to be quick as I’m pretty much booked for the next two years. We had a quick turn around in the UK before flying to Perth for a few days with Sonya and Jim. I flew on to Sydney to join the RSSC Navigator, with Julie remaining for a few more days in Perth. Straight into the business of lectures and shows on this ‘world cruise’, back with our friends Jamie and Dana managing my life. Via Geelong, Adelaide, Esperance, Port Lincoln and eventually to Fremantle to meet with the family. I had met Jim in Geelong where he was doing a half iron man – finishing second in his age group. Well done Jim!

And so on up the west coast of Aus towards Bali, via a stop to view the Komodo dragons (we didn’t!)

But the ship did run aground trying to leave Bali which delayed us around 36 hours…but we made it to Brunei and Malaysia and eventually to Singapore with another Neptune duty under my belt!

From Singapore to Phuket, Thailand and Port Klang….and Colombo Sri Lanka before turning south to the Maldives (snorkelling) and the Seychelles with a great deck BBQ. Mauritius and La Reunion followed and we head now for South Africa, and the halfway point of my 100 days. 25 lectures done and 8 shows….It’s still fun, it’s still warm….and the wine is still free!

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