This morning there has been the tragic news from Manchester, 22 dead and scores injured, for what purpose? Wanton terrorism with no known target or preferred outcome is indeed wanton violence for the sake of violence – no demands, no conditions, no outcome – just death and destruction of innocent peoples lives.

It is indeed hard to put that into any context, except that unhappiness, unrest and violence seem to be part and parcel of this 24 hour news world we live in. How many will die in Caracas this week, or be killed in misplaced air strikes in the Middle East…terrorism comes in many forms…


The context is spring in Andalucia….where the sun is shining and the spring flowers are giving of their best, the oleander vying with the poppies. Just yesterday as I drove home along the dirt road I disturbed two hoopoes hunting for ants and they flew away in front of me, ducking and diving along at bonnet height to be joined by a golden oriole who fell into formation and led the procession towards the now dry stream bed. The oriole flashed its bright yellow body and took off at great speed like Robin Hoods golden arrow, and I am left with the image of the blur of colour and the look of jealousy in the eyes of the hoopoes who continued to lead me on, flashing their black and white stripes, until they too decided on a different route and disappeared into the trees…….


What can I say….live for the day….carpe diem.