Cruises to avoid?

The cruises listed below are those that I am currently scheduled to be on…

But things can change, things can happen both in the areas of organisational requirements and personal issues that mean it might not stay the same!

As Ned Kelly once said (his last words in fact!) ‘Such is Life’…..

Happy cruising


2017 Cruises 

9th March        Darwin to Singapore                          RSSC Navigator

16th March      Singapore to Abu Dhabi                                “

3rd April          Abu Dhabi to Rome   (25th)               “ 


17th June         Miami to Vancouver                                      “

9th July            Vancouver to San Francisco (20th July)        ” 

14th Sept         Stockholm to Dover (26th Sept)                     “ 

13th Nov          Miami to Miami                                             “

25th Nov          Miami to Los Angeles (11th Dec                   ”


2018 Cruises 

8th Jan             Southampton to Portsmouth (West Africa) Saga Pearl 11 (28th Jan) 

15th Feb           Sydney to Fremantle              RSSC Navigator

25th Feb           Fremantle to Singapore                     “

13th March      Singapore to Cape Town                   ”

7th April           Cape Town to Rio                              “

30th April         Rio to Los Angeles(25th May)          “ 

1st August        Barcelona to Venice              Oceania Riviera

13th August     Venice to Rome                                 “

23rd August     Rome to Monte Carlo                       “

30th August     Monte Carlo to Barcelona                “

5th Sept           Barcelona to Lisbon (15th Sept)        ” 

26th Oct           Venice to Rome                     Oceania Marina

2nd Nov           Rome to Monte Carlo                       “

9th Nov            Monte Carlo to Barcelona                “

16th Nov          Barcelona to Lisbon (28th Nov)         “ 

2019 (A real possibility as I’ve been asked to do it and said ‘yes’) 

The Navigator World Cruise – Los Angeles to New York (131 days)

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