Venice to Valparaiso

Venice to Valparaiso


It’s about 9 weeks ago since we boarded the Marina, via water taxi from the hotel in Venice, and via the Adriatic, the Mediterranean, the north and south Atlantic, and finally through the Beagle Channel and the Magellan Strait to the Pacific and push northwards up the coast of Chile to reach Valparaiso.

It’s been a voyage of contrasts, from the opulence of Monte Carlo, the ancient history of Croatia and Rome to the New World of South America. Cathedrals, castles, mosques, 5 star hotels and favelas – the burning sunshine of Rio and the snow of Ushuaia – the beauty of the Chilean fjords and the ugly urban sprawl of Santos….An Atlantic ocean of unexpected tranquillity and a Pacific alive with swells, lumps and bumps.

Whales, dolphins, seals and sea lions, and yes, one shark spotted idling past our cabin.

Albatross and petrels, frigate birds and pelicans, egrets and gulls beyond counting.

I managed to complete 30 different presentations (they call them lectures on this ship), and 10 cabaret shows, plus a cameo appearance as King Neptune when we crossed the line…

And now it’s packing and sorting ready for tomorrow and the drive to Santiago airport and the endless flight home, first to Rome, yes past Malaga, and then back again.

In just under three weeks I’ll be off again..heading to join the Regent Voyager in New Zealand…but what is there not to enjoy?

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