September has passed by and the autumn is coming on, but it remains warm and sunny here. Vincenzo came for his show on the 17th and it was very popular with the guests in the Plaza del Castillo. It was a pleasure to have him to stay with us, and no doubt our paths will cross again soon on the high seas.

Jan and Sue’s beautiful new house high above the town of Jayena north of Canillas was a super venue for a house warming do, where I played for about 3 hours, all on solar power! Good people, good food and a good time. We stayed the night and listened to the dogs baying at the wild boar roaming around outside.

We met with Rosemary, a friend and correspondent from SAGA as she called into Malaga on the SAGA Sapphire. With her we chased around the back streets of Malaga trying to find a parking spot close to the music shop where I was to collect my new guitar, a Yamaha Silent, one that can packed small to avoid airport ‘check-in’, (the last two trips I have done, I have arrived but my guitar has not!) We ticked all the boxes and Rosemary made it back to the ship in time! A pleasure to meet up and chat. And she presented me with a pastel portrait, showing me in a relaxed posture (!), but more importantly demonstrating her amazing talents for art. I hope we might meet again somewhere – if SAGA keep their word to me.

And then an evening gig at Popi’s Bar, at the swimming pool in Canillas. A chance to entertain friends in a new environment. Eva and Raffa did themselves proud with a great meal, and I did ok for about 90 minutes of fun and songs…maybe to be repeated next year.

And so we are soon to go away again…yes, more cruises, and a brief trip to the UK. We will be away over Christmas and the New Year (Falklands!), so all the best to everyone….or anyone who reads this.