What do you do at sea?

This is a question I’ve been asked many times! The simple answer is that like a Troubadour of old, I tell stories, and sometimes sing some songs. I do not tell the passengers about the places they going to visit, as there are people already employed to do just that – and if they take a trip ashore then the local guides earn their crust by doing the same thing….so I tell stories about the areas we pass by, the countries we visit and the people that may have lived, or indeed did live there and what they did. So as we leave Venice on Sunday night, assuming I am programmed to give a ‘talk’, or ‘lecture’ as the Americans like to call it, I will be telling the story of Julius Caesar, his life and death and what he did for the Roman Empire – with a little help from William Shakespeare!! As we sail around the Eastern Med I will be recounting the tales of the Greek Heroes, Alexander the Great and the 7 Wonders of the Ancient World…..finishing with the sad tale of the abortive invasion of Turkey at Gallipoli in the First World War…. – not a lot of laughs in that one! Across the Med I will talk about Napoleon in Malta and Egypt, Hannibal and Carthage, The re-conquest of Andalucia by the Catholic Kings and their sponsorship of  Chris Columbus, and the Battle of Trafalgar as seen through the eyes of one who was there – with a lot of songs. and on down the west coast of Africa with stories about Slavery, the Boer War, the Zulus, Napoleon in St. Helena and the First World War in Africa…..and then maybe a few cabaret shows thrown in to keep me busy! So maybe that answers the questions about what I do on these cruise liners! Well someone has to do it!!

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