To Bubble or not to Bubble?

I’m forever driving a bubble…..not quite the famous tune, but a fact. The motorhome is proving good fun. We went to see Julie’s Dad in Bakewell in the beautiful Peak district of Derbyshire and spent some time sorting out his new home in a small bungalow in a quiet part of town. I took the opportunity to drive up north to the Lake District to Ambleside, to visit Regent’s very own cruise director Ray Solaire in his ‘mansion/hotel’ in the forests close to Coniston Water. We walked and talked and also managed to record a couple of tunes in his small studio. Back to Bakewell with a shredding tyre on the M6 (sorted by the RAC) and eventually back to Rochester to get ready to take the ‘bubble’ across (or rather under) the English Channel to begin a 6 day tour back ‘home’ to Canillas de Aceituno. We have a route planned from Calais (used to be English until 1558) to Bernay (scenes of fierce fighting post D-Day in 1944) and Poitiers (famous English battle victory there in 1356!), and then Bordeaux (the Cockleshell Heroes of the Second World War in December 1942). And over the border to Spain and on to Vitoria (1813, great British victory in the Peninsular War) and then south to just north of Madrid and on to La Carolina (where the battle of Navas de Tolosa saw the defeat of the Islamic army in 1212 pushing them back to Granada). It’s not really a ‘battle tour’ but it just works out that way – you can check it all out on Google if you want!
And then the work begins. We have not been ‘at home’ since just after Christmas, so we expect to have do some gardening and cleaning. We also have the house called ‘Casablanca’ in the grounds to re-organise following the end of a long rental. The town house, that we call ‘Sharpe’s Retreat’ has also just been vacated by tenants so we have plenty of room for visitors.
A few months in this environment (subject to any impositions through the virus) will be a welcome change with nothing planned. At least that what I thought! I have just noticed that I am still listed on the Regent Cruises website as being the lecturer on cruises out of Istanbul in October!!! I think that is unlikely…but stranger things have been happening recently.
And so, we fuel up, fill the water tank, load up with food and set off in our bubble…..

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