Three months into a reasonably comfortable so called ‘lock down’! (I have visited enough prisons in my working life to know exactly what that means and this ain’t it). We have been able to take a daily walk of around 3 miles into the lovely town of Rochester or along the river and visit local shops or even venture to the supermarket. With the purchase of the motor home we have made three trips out to visit friends – from a distance of course, and pack it up ready for the trip to Spain, now open, leaving Albions shores with its multitude of problems – brain dead louts on the streets and empty headed people of the beaches – not to mention the speeding cars and motorcycles who think that all rules have been discarded with the used PPE.
We still have a Covid problem, and we have taken great care, but can’t wait to get in the mobile bubble and head for the sanctuary of the hills of Andalusia. We have done our best to entertain ourselves with the highlights being a weekly quiz sent by Cruise Director Ray every Saturday, and to cook the allotted ‘Covid’ meal as ordained by Australian based daughter Sonya. Sadly based on the league tables of infections we have prepared a national dish and have enjoyed the varied tastes and textures of Germany, France, Italy, Russia, Iran, China, England, Peru, Chile, Brazil, Turkey and India. Books have been read and craftwork completed. The grandchildren have got used a distant set of grandparents only now coming into closer contact.
We go on the 22nd July and will take a fairly leisurely trip across France and Spain. Hopefully the garden has been attended to and the house cleaned to ease the arrival, and there waiting will our two cases forwarded from Australia many moons ago.
No cruise assignments have been forthcoming and we wonder if and when that might occur… problems. We can rest on our laurels of 12 years of exciting travel and a job well done…
Who know what is around the corner….first things first. Lets get home!

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